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Nobo Komagata's Home Page
Nobo Komagata: Contact
Nobo Komagata: Recent Reading
Nobo Komagata: Recent Writing
Nobo Komagata: Human-Powered Vehicles
Nobo Komagata: Hypermiling
Nobo Komagata: Teaching Experience
Nobo Komagata: Programs
Nobo Komagata: Recent Quotes
meditation/ 1 pages
Nobo Komagata: Meditation
pub/ 61 pages
When We Really Want to Bring about Changes in People
Attachment and Non-Attachment: Attachment Theory and Buddhism
Individualism and the Impersonal Nature: When to Focus on Individuals and (When Not to)
Comment on Katy Butler’s Knocking on Heaven’s Door
Education as a “Buying” Process: Contrasting with the Conventional, “Selling” View of Education
A Thanksgiving Dream
Comment on Thomas Joiner’s Why People Die by Suicide
On Positive Behavior Support: A Critical View
Teaching is Overrated. Good Teachers Don't Teach.
On (Elementary) Education: Reflection and Action
Our (Not So Conventional) Position about Elementary Education
Is Lance Armstrong Still a Hero?
A Day with My 98-year-old Gramdma
A Day with My 98-year-old Gramdma
The Pedestrian (A Short Essay)
What Can We Do for Japan (and Beyond)?
Mindfulness and Flow Experience
Nobo Komagata: Airport (a short essay)
Draft of July 19, 2005
Driving a Chevrolet Volt in New Jersey: Its Economic and Environmental Impact
My Dumb-to-Smart Phone Transition
Some Thoughts on Teaching Discrete Mathematics
Komagata12-Power/ 2 pages
PaperModels/ 8 pages
Paper Models: Dice, Globes, Airplanes
RightMindfulness/ 2 pages
Right Mindfulness through Diagrams: Experimentation beyond Bare Attention
brokenhip/ 2 pages
Broken Hip: My Story
Broken Hip: My Story
03f/ 12 pages
CMSC210 Home Page
CMSC210 Project
CMSC210 Home Page
CMSC210 Syllabus
CMSC210 Course Handbook
units/ 65 pages
ex/ 1 pages
05s/ 14 pages
CSC460 Theory of Computation
FSP111 Family Values and Human Mind
JFLAP/ 1 pages
Index of /teaching/csc460/05s/JFLAP
units/ 64 pages
04f/ 10 pages
FSP111 Family Values and Human Mind
FSP111 Family Values and Human Mind
Computer Science Internship Announcements
Computer Science Internship Announcements
units/ 48 pages
Computer Science Internship Announcements
thesis/ 14 pages
Thesis: Information Structure
Birds/ 1 pages
Bird Flocking Simulation (geese)
Counterattack/ 1 pages
Counterattack: Flash (pseudo-)simulation of a school of fish and a shark
Elevator/ 1 pages
Elevator Simulation
Java/ 1 pages
FlashCard/ 2 pages
Flash Card
Graphing Tool Documentation
FlightSim/ 1 pages
Flight Simulator
FrenchConj/ 2 pages
French Conjugation
Graphing/ 2 pages
Graphing Tool
Graphing Tool Documentation
MT0/ 3 pages
MT0: Toy Machine Translation Program
ProcSim/ 2 pages
SCARP Simulation
SCARP Processor Simulator Document
ShiftReduce/ 1 pages
Shift-Reduce Parser
TestClock/ 1 pages
Test Clock
Translation/ 1 pages
Syntax-Directed Translation
Tutor/ 1 pages
Tutor (simplified Eliza)
d-value/ 1 pages
DefArticle Applet
creature3/ 1 pages
pronouns/ 1 pages
Pronoun Usage Analysis Applet